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AM, Independent Social Worker and Quality Assurance

I have undertaken assessments for various Local Authorities over the last two years. Before these assessments are filed, ISWP ensures that every assessment is Quality Assured in order to determine high quality nature of that is filed in court. I find this very professional and helpful indeed and I am grateful to the organization for putting quality ahead of everything else in the best interest of children and young people and their families.

PT, ISWP Employee and contact supervisor

I am happy with the support I receive from ISWP. I wanted employment that would help enhance and build my career goals. Speaking with the Directors helped me realise that I was at the right place. There are training opportunities and you are never left alone whenever in doubt. Would strongly recommend for anyone who needs a join or would like to build a career in the social care sector.

TWY / Private family law solicitors London

An excellent and very efficient service to a privately funded client who was delighted with the professionalism of the ISW supplied by ISWP and their comprehensive reports.  Your company was very helpful and responsive throughout.

TDM, ISWP social work expert

I have enjoyed working in partnership with ISWP and found staff to be very knowledgeable. Business is conducted in a highly professional and supportive manner.

DN, ISWP contact worker and Social worker qualified abroad

ISWP- flexible work schedule, approachable supervisors, an excellent opportunity to gain relevant social work experience.

Service user, London

“I really appreciate the support and advice you have given me. I know I ask a lot of questions but you have been so patient and if you didn’t know you found someone who did.” Mother with premature baby with previous history of child removed and mental health and substance misuse issues. Now well and drug and alcohol free. Now on CIN plan and in process of having previous child returned to her care.

AZ, Team Manager, London

Congratulations, well done and well deserved. Thank you for the thorough assessments and will continue nagging for CVs .

LI Court of Protection Solicitor Wales Passing Comments by a Judge presiding over an adult court of protection case

Following ISWP Intervention we were before the Judge and he asked that I pass on his gratitude to ISWP Independent social worker for the efforts to bring back a vulnerable adult service user who had gone abroad and was thought to be at risk. Having had sight of your report, he feels that you have done a great job.

NS Senior Family Support Worker Local Authority England

We would like to thanks your contact supervisor for brilliant work for the time she has supervised various contact sessions for us.

JC Senior Social Worker Local Authority England

I would very much like to thank your Polish Speaking Social Worker for the very good assessment she completed for our service.

JC Senior Social Worker Local Authority England

Following your request for feedback regarding the assessments completed by your ISW LT i would rate the quality and robustness of her report and assessment as excellent
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