Our Services

Restorative Work

ISWP offers the following assessment and related services

Restorative Work, Family Group
Conference (FGC), Mediation, Locum
Project work and other services

We provide this service in the areas of family law both in relation to private or public proceedings and we offer this service in situations of divorce or and parental separation, parental dispute and where they are child protection concerns. We also offer this service in the areas of adult social care and youth justice.

Court of Protection Assessments,
Intervention and Support

ISWP provide assessments and support to vulnerable adults subject to court of protection orders or deputyship orders to adults requiring support in relation to property, financial affairs and personal welfare because they lack mental capacity to make decisions for themselves.

We work closely with solicitors appointed as deputies to complement the legal support provided to such vulnerable adults by providing psychological, social and practical support through our highly experienced social workers and other professionals.

Our various experts are registered with below professional bodies and association