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Contact / Family Time Services

The Community and within a Contact Centre

UK Wide Contact Services -
in the Community and within
a Contact Centre

We undertake contact via our independent social workers in situations of divorce or and parental separation, parental dispute and where there are child protection concerns.

Our independent social workers complete reports following observing a number of contact sessions and make recommendations on future contact. We also undertake contact via our experienced contact supervisors in the community or at designated contact centres all across the UK .

We undertake contact commissioned by local authorities (LAs), solicitors, CAFCASS, fostering agencies, individual clients and others. This service is also provided public and private law cases. We also undertake wishes and feeling work with children caught up in divorce situations and parental dispute and separation to ensure that any care plan and contact plans take into consideration the child’s wishes and feelings .

Our various experts are registered with below professional bodies and association