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Assessment Services

ISWP offers the following assessment and related services

Parenting Assessments in Family Law Cases.

We provide parenting assessments of parents involved with local authority child protection services or who are involved in private or public law proceedings. We complete such assessments where clients or commissioning local authorities require a completely independent and impartial assessment.

PAM Assessments

The PAMs assessment is a specialist assessment completed by social workers of parents with learning needs or special needs. We provide PAMs assessments via our network of highly skilled and qualified PAMs assessors.

The PAMs covers areas such as:

  • The impact of the community and environment on parenting:
  • The impact of the community and environment on parenting
  • Parental health
  • Hygiene and safety
  • Independent living skills
  • Behavior management
  • Childcare and development

Parent Assess Assessment

We Provide Parent Assess assessments, Parent Assess is a strengths based assessment framework for parents with learning disabilities or other conditions such as Autism but it can be used with any parent. All assessors are trained in developing skills in working with parents with learning disabilities.

ParentAssess uses a simple traffic light system to help the parent understand the assessment process and the outcome. Various visual tools are used to help the parent develop their knowledge of parenting and their child’s needs. Clear straightforward language is used throughout and a separate abridged report is given to the parent.

The areas of assessment are:

  • The child’s experience of being parented
  • How the parent functions
  • The parent’s daily living skills
  • Specific issues of risk
  • Support

Parenting Work

We also provide parenting work and support to the most vulnerable children and families and sometimes we provide this 24/7 if this is required in situation where risk is higher.

Viability, Kinship &Special Guardianship Order (SGO) Assessments.

We complete viability assessments for SGOs, kinship care assessments, both in public and private law.

A viability assessment is a preliminary assessment process, needed when a local authority is looking for alternative child care arrangements for a child who is unable to remain with their parents.

Community Assessments with 24-hour monitoring

We provide community based assessments with 24 hours round-the-clock support and monitoring in high risk situations where intensive close monitoring is required to ensure child safety during the assessment. Assessments can take place within the family home, in foster care, parents living with relatives or in a residential setting.

These assessments may be important in situations where parental capacity to meet the developmental, physical, and emotional needs of their children is under scrutiny, cases presenting high risks and concerns for child safety among young parents and in cases where parents have special needs.

Pre-birth Assessments / Reverse Parenting Assessment

Pre-birth child protection processes involve social workers in assessing the risk of harm to children who are as yet unborn. We complete pre-birth assessments leading to reverse parenting assessments, if required, where risk is unknown or is not fully ascertained.

If required, this can include 24-hour monitoring and support in assessments of young parents, parents with special needs or who present a high risk.

Risk Assessments

We complete risk assessments of parents, be they specialist assessments to assess specific risks such as parents or carers who present a sexual risk to children, where there are concerns regarding domestic violence and abuse, or when either or both parents abuse substances, alcohol or drugs, or have a mental health illnesses or a physical disability.

Bilingual / Cultural Expert Social Work Assessments

Social workers have an ethical responsibility to demonstrate their cultural sensitivity and awareness in their practice while evidencing competence to work with people from diverse cultures. Therefore, we have expert social workers from various linguistic and cultural backgrounds with cultural and linguistic expertise including Polish, Russian, French, Portuguese, German, Romanian, Hebrew, Arabic, African, Caribbean, Indian and Pakistani backgrounds.

We also have social workers who have expertise in various religious backgrounds including Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Jews and others.

Fostering and Adoption Assessments

We can complete adoption and fostering assessments

International Social Work Assessments

The landscape of “looked-after” children has changed dramatically over the recent years. International social work assessments have become indispensable for children in care with family members residing in other countries requiring assessments.

Our social work assessors have completed assessments in many parts of the world, including Europe, the Caribbean, Asia, Africa, North America and South America. We also have a network of social work experts based in different parts of the world who are also able to complete assessments in their vicinity. This results in saving on travel costs and the time needed to complete overseas assessments.

Assessments & Reports in Private Law Cases, including Section 7 and Section 37 Reports

We complete these reports in private law cases.

Therapeutic Services for Children and Adults

We complete all forms of assessments and provide therapeutic support to children via our very skilled and experienced social workers and child and adolescence psychologists.

Our work would include therapeutic life story work with children and behaviour management support to support parents, carer-givers and foster carers who look after children afflicted with challenging behaviour.

Psychiatric Assessments

Through our expert psychiatrists, we complete psychiatric assessments, child forensic psychiatric assessments and adolescence psychiatric assessments.

Psychological Assessments, Cognitive Assessments, Child and Adolescent Assessments

Our portfolio of psychological interventions and assessments cover a wide array of areas including mental health, functional skills, language, rehabilitation, neuropsychology, autistic spectrum disorders, and cognition among others. Through our expert psychologists, we complete Child and Adolescence Assessments, Cognitive Assessments, psychological assessments and forensic psychology assessments.

Our clinicians have many years of experience to providing adolescents, children, and their parents with comprehensive psychological assessments, especially tailored to meet specific needs. The cognitive assessments we complete identify a client’s strengths and areas of need and any support they may require. The cognitive assessments cover a wide range of the client’s abilities and skills, such as, numerical skills, spelling, writing, reading, processing speed, memory, non-verbal problem solving, spatial awareness, verbal reasoning, and language.

Our various experts are registered with below professional bodies and association