Who we are

The Independent Social Workers Partnership (ISWP) is a leading, innovative company formed and managed by independent social workers to provide a range of professional social work services. We have a team of highly experienced and dedicated social work practitioners, psychologists, psychiatrists and occupational therapists across the UK who can provide various professional services in the field of family law, child protection and other areas. Our experts have provided assessments services and other services on the request of various Local Authorities, Solicitors, CAFCASS and individual clients in private law proceedings.

We currently provide the following range of services:

• Independent Social Work Assessments

• Psychological Assessments

• Psychiatric Assessments

• UK Wide Contact Services – in the Community and within a Contact Centre

• Child Protection and Welfare Visits

• Independent Complaints Investigation

• Family Group Conferences

• Children’s Advocacy and Independent Visitor Service

• Adult Services Assessments, including Best Interest Assessments (BIAs)/ Deprivation of Liberty (DOL) Assessments

• Occupational Therapist Assessments (in Conjunction with Enabling OT Solutions)

• Regulation 44 Visits / Inspections for Children’s Homes.

• Recruitment and Supply of Social Workers to Local Authorities as part of a Project Team.